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Unlock Discounts on Vehicle Related Products & Services for your Customers with our Community Plan

The Community Plan is a monthly subscription that provides vehicle owners with access to the following perks and discounted services:

Fuel Card 

Track fuel expense.

Mobile Car Wash & Detailing

Keep your vehicle clean.

Towing Services 

Don’t get stranded.

Auto Insurance 

Secure your asset, avoid unplanned expense.

Custom Duty Verification

Verify the authenticity of your custom document to avoid issues with authority.

Auto Equity Loan 

Secure a fast loan using your vehicle as collateral.

Vehicle History 

Track your vehicle history before importation and even after.

Vehicle Swap

Seamlessly upgrade your vehicle with multiple purchase offer from our pool of auto dealers partner.

A personalised web app built to scale up your business

Manage and retain customers,

Record sales & inventory

Access business loans


Swap your customers’ old vehicles for new using vehicle history

Avoid Costly Surprises

Enhance Decision Making

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Drive Repeat Business


Community Plan

Our community plan is billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, and gives your customers access to the following discounts:

Coverage and discounts

Fuel Card


Mobile Car Wash & Detailing


Towing Services


Auto Insurance


Auto Equity Loan


Custom Duty Verification


Vehicle History


Vehicle swap


Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with us can benefit your business in the following ways:

Record Sales and Build Customer Portfolio

Manage your sales records and customer database via our user-friendly web app.

Retain Customers With Swap Deals

Retain your customers by offering vehicle swap deals backed by vehicle history data.

Increase Sales And Enjoy More Revenue

Grow your business by attracting more customers and driving higher referrals.

Earn More With partner Commissions

Earn a 15% commission each time you buy community plan for your customers. 

Gain Access to Quick Business Loans

Access quick business loans based on the transaction volume of vehicles sold with community plans. 

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End-to-End Security

When it comes to keeping your data safe and private, there is no room for compromise. We’ve built Reown from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind.

Support when you need it

Our support team is here for you. We are committed to going beyond resolving issues to becoming your partner in running a smooth business.


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