Every Vehicle has a Story

Vehicle history data is a comprehensive record that provides detailed information about a vehicle's past. It includes important details such as previous ownership, usage history, inspection, repair records, and any reported incidents or accidents.

Accidents reported

Reown 1-Owner vehicle

10 Service history records

Personal vehicle

25 detailed records available

56,110 Last reported odometer reading

Why Care About your Vehicle History Data?

Comprehensive Vehicle History

Access detailed reports on ownership, usage, inspections, services, repairs and damages.

Informed Decision-Making

Make well-informed choices as a vehicle owner or buyer by leveraging vehicle history data.

Quick Access to Loan and

Leverage vehicle history data to easily access loan and insurance with your vehicle as collateral.

Vehicle Usage Journey

Gain insight into your vehicle's usage report to efficiently evaluate its condition and maintenance history.

Details about Vehicle history

At Reown, our Vehicle history Report provides a comprehensive history of a registered vehicle on reown customer’ app


Ownership History

Reveals all vehicle’s past owners, providing transparency and helping in resale valuation.

Usage Records

Provides insights into accurate miles travelled by previous owners, type of usage e.g personal, rental or lease. This help in assessing its condition and reliability.

Repair History

Identifies past repairs and maintenance, providing a clearer picture of a vehicle's overall health and potential future issues.

Service History

Shows a vehicle’s past maintenance records, indicating regular care and potential long-term reliability.

Inspection Record

Provides details on a vehicle's condition, ensuring compliance and assisting in assessing its overall quality.

Damage History

Reveals previous accidents, helping buyers assess the vehicle's structural integrity and make informed decisions.


Getting started with your Vehicle History Data is easy


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Add Your Vehicle

Add your vehicle by filling in your vehicle information.


Browse Repair Hubs

Browse and choose a repair hub and build your vehicle history data overtime.


Access Your Vehicle Data

Access your vehicle history data anytime from your app.

Built for Vehicle Owners, Buyers, and Sellers

Stay Informed about Your Vehicle

Access Vehicle History Data to understand its maintenance needs, estimate its resale value, and make informed decisions throughout your ownership journey.


Make Smart Buying Decisions

Use Vehicle History Data to assess a vehicle's condition, uncover any hidden issues, and negotiate fair prices based on its well-documented history.


Build Trust with Potential Buyers

Share a comprehensive Vehicle History Data to show a transparent vehicle history, attract reliable buyers, and sell with confidence.


We Help You Build Your Vehicle History Data with our all in one tool

Reown simplifies 80% of vehicle history data-building process by offering a 3-in-1 software solution. This keeps repair hubs connected to their customers, automatically updates vehicle histories, and allows easy access to detailed reports.


Buy and Sell Used Vehicles with Confidence

Download the Reown app to start building your vehicle history data

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